Our team here at Power Pasta understands the need for a high protein diet when you’re an athlete. Power Pasta’s high protein pasta is packed full of protein and fiber and those gorgeous carbs that come from healthy lentils. We've just reinvented the way you can enjoy them. Don't care for lentils? We bet you'll like our pasta. Toss it with your favorite sauce and you'll barely notice a difference... but your body will.

This unique pasta provides a great change to the typical bodybuilder diets. A 3 oz. serving of our pasta contains about the same amount of protein as a 3 oz. serving of chicken breast. Healthy pasta with high protein and high fiber, what's not to love? And with your obvious active lifestyle, what's easier to whip up than a bowl of pasta?

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order some Power Pasta today. When you realize you have to eat this all of the time, you'll be pleased to know that we offer it as a monthly subscription so that you never have to be without

Good luck in your next competition. We'd love to hear from you on fb or twitter. Go ahead, post a pic, there's no vanity here. Only kudos to those with Power!

Red Lentil Pasta

Black Bean Pasta

Want Better Protein?

Our powerful red lentil pasta will give you the boost you need as an athlete. This pasta cooks to the color of and taste of traditional pasta.  Even finicky eaters love our red lentil pasta. 



Red Lentil Macaroni

Red Lentil Penne 

Red Lentil Rotini

High in protein, antioxidants and fiber, which makes you feel fuller longer, beans are receiving high accolades as a Superfood.  We give you a fun way to give them a try.




Black Bean Macaroni

Black Bean Penne

Power Pasta is high in protein and fiber which is derived naturally from red lentils and black beans. If you've been missing pasta or tired of the empty carbs, give Power Pasta a try.




21+ grams of protein

15+ grams of fiber

Change dinner for good.

The Power is in your Pasta.   Eat up!


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