A gluten-free diet should not feel restricting.  New to gluten-free and missing your pasta?  Or have you been eating mushy rice pasta that falls apart for years?  It’s time for a healthy change.  That’s why we are proud to be offering Power Pasta to our community of gluten-free eaters.  You may never miss your old pasta again.

 Our customers say that Power Pasta is far more filling than rice noodles, which means your bag of pasta goes further. Also, our pastas have a very mild flavor.  The red color cooks out of the noodles and the flavor is so mild that when tossed in spaghetti sauce, many people won't know the difference if you don't point it out.

This is seriously good comfort food that is actually good for you.  Think about that! A bit warm bowl of real pasta, tossed in your favorite sauce, or....wait.... cheeeese!  You might as well eat it while sitting on the couch watching your favorite movie.  Go right ahead because its all good for you.  You just powered up!

Red Lentil Pasta

Black Bean Pasta

Want Better Protein?

Each 3 oz. serving of Power Pasta contains the same amount of protein as 3 oz. of chicken breast. You can also count on getting some good fiber from our pasta. Our red lentil pasta has a mild flavor that makes it our most popular protein pasta. This pasta cooks to the perfect al dente.




Red Lentil Macaroni

Red Lentil Penne

Red Lentil Rotini

Most gluten-free noodles are made from rice, which offers little in the way of nutritional flavor. Power Pasta, however, is an option that offers many different nutritional benefits. Power Pasta's black bean pasta is packed with 22 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber per serving.




Black Bean Penne

Black Bean Rotini

Black Bean Macaroni

Power Pasta is throwing rice out the window. Our pastas are made from black beans or red lentils. All of our pastas have just one main ingredient, so you don’t need to worry about combing through a long list of ingredients looking for hidden dangers like maltodextrin.




21+ grams of protein

15+ grams of fiber

Additional nutritional value

Change dinner for good.

Tired of mushy rice noodles?  The Gluten-free Holy Grail of pasta is here!

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